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pomembne odločbe VSRS v angleščini

Key decisions represent a selection of most important decisions by the panels of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia, which are published periodically in book form as part of the collections of Supreme Court decisions by GV Založba, d.o.o.

Translations (by Barbara Rovan) are unofficial, and are re-published here with the permission of the publisher and the translator.

The list of the decisions links to a .pdf document, and includes the decision date and its reference number. The same decisions can be accessed in Slovenian language by clicking on the linked reference numbers or by using them as a search parameter in Sodna praksa (Case Law) databases.

Civil law department

Freedom of political expression vs. the right to honour and reputation of a journalist (February 6th 2020)
II Ips 75/2019

Standing to sue in a dispute on care, upbringing and child maintenance – implementing contacts with a child (20 May 2010)
II Ips 536/2009

Expert opinion in a dispute over relations between parents and children (9 February 2006)
II Ips 772/2005

Liability of a tourist agency – non-material damage for the loss of enjoyment (23 April 2015)
II Ips 160/2013

Liability of floor owners - water damage (19 March 2015)
II Ips 108/2013

Reasoning of an objection against an enforcement order on the basis of an authentic document (13 March 2014)
II Ips 24/2013

Retroactive effects of the repealed part of the law – incomplete pleading by the attorney-at-law (10 March 2011)
II Ips 437/2010

Passing of decedent’s estate to a devisee pursuant to Austrian law (24 March 2011)
II Ips 951/2008

Unlawfulness of the expropriation procedure – the amount of the compensation for damages (16 September 2010)
II Ips 874/2009

Citizenship of common-law partner at the time of the division of community property (10 May 2010)
II Ips 680/2008

Direct liability for damage of the state prosecutor  (10 September 2012)
II Ips 111/2009

The statute of limitation for a claim determined by the court – default interest  (27 September 2012)
II Ips 70/2011

Consequences of the nullity of the sales contract for immovable property – fault for nullity – the principle of good faith and fair dealing (15 November 2012)
II Ips 281/2009

The right to judicial protection – suspension of the proceedings pending the resolution of the border dispute between the countries (26 May 2011)
II Ips 868/2009

Willful misrepresentation or concealment of circumstances significant for risk assessment – objections by insurance company against a beneficiary (14 April 2011)
II Ips 22/2010

Partial deprivation of the capacity to contract – representation by a temporary guardian in the proceeding with extraordinary legal remedies (1 December 2011)
II Ips 306/2011

Threshold put on the repayment claimed by insurance companies (15 June 2006)
II Ips 615/2004

Care and upbringing of a child – preventing contacts with a child(22 June 2006)
II Ips 356/2006

Broadcast of a correction of a message – comprehensibility and the length of the text (15 March 2007)
II Ips 196/2005

Responsibility of the state for the work of the police – the interference with communication privacy (10 October 2007)
II Ips 473/2005

Responsibility of the state for the work of the police – police detention of an injured victim of a criminal offence (25 October 2007)
II Ips 616/2007

Liability of the Republic of Slovenia for war damage – the stolen children (10 January 2008)
II Ips 449/2007

Refusal to conclude a lease agreement for an apartment - changed circumstances and the amount of profit rent (18 September 2008)
II Ips 529/2007

The legal capacity of a minor to be a party to a maintenance recovery procedure (27 November 2008)
II Ips 684/2008

The right of the state to the publication of a response (19 March 2009)
II Ips 1165/2008

Nullity and voidness of a life insurance contract − the insured event in a nascent stage (16 April 2009)
II Ips 995/2006  

The right of the state to the publication of a correction (3 December 2009)
II Ips 595/2009

Arbitration procedure − annulment of arbitration decision (10 December 2009)
II Ips 82/2007

Recognition of a foreign judicial decision − adoption of a child by same-sex partners (28 January 2010)
II Ips 462/2009

Commercial law department

Concession for performing pharmacy activities – revoking of concession (24 September 2019) - III Ips 20/2019

Liability of management board members in a public limited company (23 January 2018) - III Ips 45/2016

Factual concern – recall of a board member of a controlled company (19 November 2013) - III Ips 126/2011

Cancellation from the court register without liquidation – cessation of obligations – accessory claims (11 June 2013) - III Ips 121/2011

Challenging debtor’s legal acts – assignment  (11 October 2011)
III Ips 237/2008  

Court register entry of the exclusion of a partner from the Articles of Association (2 April 2010)
III Ips 118/2007  

Analogous application of the Code of Obligations regarding sanctions in the case of the nullity of  the supervisory board resolutions – action for establishing nullity of the entry in the court register – the legal interest of a shareholder (27 January 2011)
III Ips 243/2008  

The right of a partner to information – assistance by a third person in gathering information and carrying out inspection (27 January 2011)
III Ips 75/2010  

The liability of the management board member of a public limited company in the case of omission when managing operations (21 December 2010)
III Ips 75/2008  

Right to participation in the increase of initial capital from the joint-stock company assets – the cut-off date (23 December 2005)
G 11/2005

Considerable interest in a fast decision in the court register procedure – lifting the ban on registering (30 September 2008)
III Ips 175/2007

Cancellation of business lease in co- ownership – relations among lessors (16 December 2008)
III Ips 48/2007

Criminal law department

Search – seizure of items (24 December 2004)
I Ips 54/2003

Search – grounds for suspicion that a person committed a criminal offence (3 November 2005)
I Ips 333/2005

The right of the defendant to confront the prosecution witness – undercover police agent(21 December 2006)
I Ips 208/2005

Evidentiary value of a statement given to policemen (18 January 2007)
I Ips 65/2005

Request for the protection of legality – definition of alleged violations (23 October 2008) - I Ips 346/2008  

Statement of reasons for the ruling – Evidence on which the ruling is based (2 July 2009)
I Ips 252/2008  

Admissibility of evidence from another proceeding (9 July 2009)
I Ips 493/2008  

Covert investigative measures – principle of proportionality – reasonable grounds for suspicion (17 September 2009)
I Ips 440/2008

Labour law department

Health insurance – the cost of hospital treatment abroad (9 February 2010)
VIII Ips 125/2008

Status of the insured in the pension and disability insurance scheme – nullity of the employment contract (21 June 2010)
VIII Ips 204/2008

The basis for the conclusion of an employment contract ceased to exist (26 October 2010)
VIII Ips 79/2009

Delivering the termination of employment contract (6 April 2010)
VIII Ips 242/2009

The existence of employment relationship (18 December 2007)
VIII Ips 129/2006

Cost of medical treatment abroad (December 4th 2012)
VIII Ips 295/2011

Special legal protection against termination – representatives of employees (May 23rd 2011)
VIII Ips 453/2009

Extraordinary notice of termination – civil servants (October 4th 2011)
VIII Ips 202/2010

Employer’s liability for damages – unlawful termination of employment contract (November 6th 2013)
VIII Ips 97/2011

Payment of overtime work (September 18th 2012)
VIII Ips 111/2012

Extraordinary termination of employment contract – right of the worker to defence (1 March 2005)
VIII Ips 20/2005

Ordinary termination of employment contract – period of notice and severance pay (22 March 2005)
VIII Ips 36/2005

The principle in favorem laboratoris – extraordinary termination of employment contract (10 May 2005)
VIII Ips 125/2005

Extraordinary termination of employment contract – substantiated reason (22 November 2005)
VIII Ips 286/2005